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Includes tips to protect your inbox!
of phishing kits for sale on the dark web include at least one evasive technique for making detection harder.

Protect Your Inbox From Evasive Threats

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Automatic Email Threat Detection

Protecting the inbox from phishing emails that make it past the secure email gateway with real-time security awareness training tips, videos, and live chat support.

Effortless User Behavior Analytics

Lightweight Outlook add-in deployed via MSI file provides a way for users to flag any and all suspicious emails for on-demand, automated scanning 24/7/365.

Email Safety Analysis and Categorization

Analyze and categorize every email in the inbox for safety in real-time to prevent email-borne attacks. Green for safe, yellow for caution, and red for danger.

Take action on email security threats

Empower users to be part of the solution

Utilize AI technology to reduce strain on staff

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