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Keep Security Top of Mind with Every Email in the Inbox.

Effortless user behavior analytics. Easy deployment via MSI file for Outlook.

AI-Based Threat Detection

Our AI-based threat detection algorithms assign each email an aggregated threat score.
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Threat Score

Email Safety Analysis and Categorization

We analyze and categorize every email in the inbox for safety in real-time. Green for safe, yellow for caution, and red for danger.
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Keyword Analysis

Detect suspicious messages using machine learning techniques and keyword analysis.
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Suspicious Keywords:

Safety Gauge

A Risk Score is assigned to every email in the inbox, which ranges from 0-4 for each of the 5 categories.
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Spot dangerous and malicious emails. Real-time analysis, tips, and assistance.

Quick Tips

Short 1-minute animated and engaging micro-learning videos that educate users on preventing email attacks.

Link Identification

Identify all attachments and links in a message.

Report Suspicious Email

Report a suspicious email to the security team for further analysis.

A brand new approach to phishing defense. Live chat assistance 24/7/365.

O365 EOP Enhancement

Crowdsourcing threat detection and threat intelligence exchange. Automated Office 365 PowerShell integration to stop targeted email attacks in their tracks in real-time.

Category Reinforcement

Positive or negative reinforcement is given to each category.

AI Chatbot

Our AI bot Ade and human agents help employees further determine if an email is spam or malicious and what steps they need to take.

Advanced email security awareness. Stop attacks in their tracks in real-time.

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