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Who We Are

eMailAde empowers work from home and in-office employees to keep security top of mind with every email in their inbox in real-time every hour of every day in the week.

Our Story

eMailAde was founded to address the challenges with secure email gateways and the current email security model. Preventing email-borne attacks requires keeping your guard up at all times and we make it simple for employees to never let their guard down on any email in their inbox. While scammers will continue to evolve and work to improve their attempts at fraud we will continue to help employees recognize malicious emails and avoid attacks in real-time every hour of every day in the week.

Developing & Training Human Firewalls

Getting employees interested in becoming a Human Firewall is our mission. We make it simple to communicate the importance of a human firewall to employees and empower them with the training, knowledge, and assistance they need to recognize malicious emails in real-time and avoid social engineering, spear phishing and ransomware attacks. All employees have the potential to be a great human firewall and we help make that a reality one email at a time.

Louis Pereira

Chief Executive Officer

Louis Pereira is the Founder & CEO of eMailAde. A serial entrepreneur with more than 25 years in the IT industry and responsible for leading the company.

Leon Havin

Chief Product Officer

Leon Havin is the CPO of eMailAde. A software developer and entrepreneur with more than 25 years of coding and management experience.

Dragan Viducic

Chief Customer Officer

Manny Rodrigues

Chief Financial Officer

Rod Aquino

Chief Marketing Officer

Gustavo Brandao

Chief Digital Officer

Why eMailAde?

Our Inbox Detection and Response solution helps employees recognize malicious emails in real-time and avoid attacks.